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for a full-blown fight over the debt ceiling in his first month on the job? pocket change. you heard about this idea. the trillion dollar coin to handle the debt ceiling. well, today we will tell you where it all started and whether or not it is really something president obama might use. they won't rule it out important some reason. and back to the future. the gun debate of 1994 had many lessons for the fight unfolding today. what can president obama learn from president clinton's success? good morning from washington. thursday, january 10, 2013. this is "the daily run-down." i'm chuck todd. let's get to my first read of the morning. this afternoon president obama will formally name his chief of staff, jack lew, to replace treasury secretary tim geithner. a sign the white house expects a big fight over the federal budget lew is the safe pick. he has been confirmed twice by the senate before. just in this administration. if confirmed in time, he can face his first test next month over the debt ceiling. lew is a walk among walks. described in one profile by the huffington post. quote, as ha
the authority to raise the debt ceiling without congress? will he tried to? our handwriting expert is digitalis about the most talked-about signature. will it end up on our dollar bill? can you read that? >> from that fox business studios in new york city, it's "the willis report" with gerri willis ♪ gerri: as the debt ceiling showdown, members of the financial services round table now headed by former gop presidential candidate temple in tay are urging congress to raise the debt ceiling. failure to do so will cause a wire. will republicans caved? always great to have you on this show. what do you make of this? these and other business leaders of this country who are saying, you have to raise that debt ceiling. >> a little hypocritical. these business leaders of the same ones to say we have to do something about our enormous debt, and what will cause a wire to our nation's finances continuing to go around borrowing a trillion dollars year after year after year. the phony issue, people are saying if we don't pass the debt ceiling it's a default. that is off the table. the constitution prevents
. with the fiscal cliff in the rear view mirror, raising the debt ceiling is washington's next big drama. we look at why its so important. >> susie: i'm susie gharib. that drama, could have a new cast member, we're learning the president will nominate jacob lew as his next treasury secretary. >> tom: and with its reputation already on the ropes, a.i.g., the big bailed-out insurer, decides against suing uncle sam. >> susie: that and more tonight on "n.b.r."! >> tom: there could soon be a new signature on the dollar bill, jacob "jack" lew is said to be the president's pick to replace treasury secretary timothy geithner. that nomination is expected tomorrow. should he be confirmed by the senate, one of lew's first challenges will be dealing with the rapidly approaching debt ceiling. darren gersh reports. >> reporter: assuming he wins senate confirmation, jacob "jack" lew will take over a treasury that is rapidly running out of cash. the federal government has already hit the debt ceiling. and the only way the government can pay its bills is by using accounting gimmicks to move money around. those tr
at the track record in the 2011 debt ceiling negotiations he was open to pretty significant changes involving social security, medicare, the medicare retirement age. a lot of reporting suggests he was in favor of a deal to raise the medicare retirement age. are we to read anything in to use him as the point man of the negotiations in the upcoming negotiations about where the white house might end up on those questions? >> well, i tell you what republicans are saying today on capitol hill and that is that they see this as a step in the wrong direction which for progressives is probably a step in the right direction if you could follow that because they think that every time they tried to float something on entitlements, jack lew shot it down and the president much more than open than jack lew to some of those changes so i think republicans think that this is a step in the wrong direction for them. but listen. there's definitely always concern from progressives. i think that's natural. and this administration has broadly been open in words, maybe not in deeds, republicans would say, to changes
out of cash. the federal government has already hit the debt ceiling. and the only way the government can pay its bills is by using accounting gimmicks to move money around. those tricks will only get the government through mid-february. at that point lew might have to take the unprecedented step of deciding he has the legal authority to pick and choose which bills the feds will pay. >> even if it were clear that the treasury secretary could do that, pick and choose, the ability, the real ability to reprogram all of the software in treasury's computers which connect to all of the computer software in the various agencies is not something that can be done in ten minutes or ten days or ten weeks. so you have the right to do it, but you don't have the ability to do it. >> reporter: the treasury uses a separate computer system to make interest payments on the federal debt so it is possible investors would get what they are owed. but what happens with social security, medicare and federal employee pay, is less clear. so secretary lew would have to make a decision. he could r
. >> saying hello to scott. that's good. >> so in terms of the challenges, we've got the debt ceiling debate coming. i guess my question is are we going to be able to get in this market at better levels? do i want to wait and take to the sidelines and wait for a nice decline to actually buy because it definitely does feel like this market wants to go up. do i want to go in now or wait for a selloff? >> when the market pulls back a little bit, politicians are committed to provide volatility and uncertainty in this market. europe, experts at it and americans are learning pretty quickly in washington so as we move into the policy turmoil opportunities you'll get a chance to get in from a valuation perspective, but longer term as americans, this is the first time we've ever had a dialogue about how to actually create a fiscally stable country so we'll get better at this as it goes. if i want to be modestly bullish it's great that we're having this debate because 10, 15, 20 years from now we'll look at a more stable financial situation. >> that being said, i think the market if it pulls back, i d
can blame you? the aarp demand congress not touch benefits as it discusses the debt ceiling. there is said general agreement social security is not the most troubling program for the president calls it structurally sound but others maintain it is stable. but to academics from dartmouth say that may not be the case. they say the security administration under estimates how long they will live in under estimate as much as $800 billion short and the fund will run out of money before the government even says with people ging up smoking and eating better that live longer and demand benefits longer. forecasting has barely even changed since 1935. 77 years we do it the same way. to ignore the future social security is a big mistake now spending $49 billion more of benefits and to cover the shortfall people age 65 and over will reach 80 million and 2040 social security payments will jump 70% in the decade ending 2011. it is a system that is broken and raising the retirement age are tweaks that need to be made to see if congress has the stomach for it. what do you think? drop me an e-
because all he does is say no and disrupt things. now, with all of the debt ceiling stuff coming, howard, this is not the kind of guy you want in that spot. >> larry, surely you're not defending the republicans using the debt ceiling as a chip in negotiations, because if you are, i think you're as bad off as the republicans in the house. >> no, i don't want to see the debt ceiling violated or default. i do not. but i think a deal has to be made, howard. and i think -- spending cuts have to be the key part of that deal. this guy has a reputation not as a spending cutter, but as a tax hiker as steve forbes just said. >> the reason republicans don't like him, he's smarter than they are. which isn't hard to do these days. the fact of the matter is, obama's correct. you can't negotiate over the debt ceiling. it was never done before, before 2011, it should never have been done. you want to know why the dollar's down 10%? >> yes. >> because we made this ridiculous deal on the fiscal cliff that increases spending. had we gone over, the market would be up and the dollar would be stronger because
blocking hagel that's time they lose as far as the debt ceiling gun control or immigration. it's smart by the white house to draw the republicans in, and while the republicans are focusing on one issue it's like whack a mole you address something else. >> john: what are the odds they do anything about climate change? >> we haven't seen--again maybe we'll see a different approach in the second term, but having said that there is nothing from obama's past that shows he wants to go out and do these controversial things. carbon tax anything dealing with the environment, climate change, i would be surprised. if he's going to cause the freak out with the executive order of gun control, that takes up so much oxygen, and you can only have so many of those freaks outs, and he can't do it seven or eight times. >> john: i think america has seen enough g.o.p. freak outs. >> they want to do something about climate change, but it's only when the economy is humming well when we ask companies to cut down on emissions. but right now there is no room to maneuver on this at all. >> john: getting the cab
deadlines over deficits, spending, debt ceiling, sequestration, and a continuing resolution to keep the government running. we also faced other domestic and international uncertainties that have the potential to drive down competence -- confidence and discourage job creation from a regulatory flood here at home to economic problems in europe and japan, to geopolitical conflicts that could erupt into war at any time. we must also be concerned about america's capacity for leadership and action, and not only in government. in this country, and this is a country that can still get big things done, do we have the leaders with the courage to put the country first ahead of their own careers, politics, ideologies and egos? can we find leaders in government who truly appreciate the role that the private sector can and must play in building a new american prosperity? the inherited of economic growth should not be an afterthought. it should be job one. economic growth must be front and center here in washington, just as it is in many state capitals across the nation, led by innovative governor
and everything from the debt ceiling to gun control. for starters, vice-president biden saying today the president may impose gun control with an executive order. former speaker of the house, newt gingrich joins us, nice to see you, sir. >> good to be with you. i have to say, you have the most amazing program tonight that i can remember. >> greta: it's quite vast and varied let's say. >> remarkable. >> greta: don't want to miss any of it. and don't want to miss you either. tell me, the vice-president says the president may use an executive order for -- to impose gun control. your thoughts? >> well, the president can try to do almost anything if he wants to. the question is will he get away with it? the two natural stands are first, somebody will file a lawsuit, saying that it's illegal, and unconstitutional. but second, the house republicans have an opportunity when the continuing resolution comes up at the end of the march, to simply zero out the authority, to say no money shall be spent. now, that's so clear under our constitution, and goes all the way back to the magna carta, a co
to come out? you'll have the debt ceiling. until and unless that becomes a grand solution, a longer term solution where they seem like they're working together, it's very difficult to look at longs abdomen being a quarter or a half proposition. >> also looking at more volatility on the debt ceiling or, what did we just experience with the fiscal cliff? >> i know, i think it's going to be more from a price perspective. but i don't actually expect the vix to spike. the strange thing about the vix is you have to get the long positions and the options to push that up. i think this is expected volatility. i think it's going to be more of a lack of volume volatility. it's going to be one of those things where people don't want to take positions coming into that. january, i think, is going to finish positive. >> bob, thanks for joining thus morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. >>> coming up, we'll have more of the story that have us plucking this morning. plus, a new way for you to rise and is shine in the morning. plus, wake-up calls. we'll have the details when squawk comes back. some day, yo
or more romantic than the debt ceiling. we could hit the limit around valentine's day, february 14. get out the roses and chocolate or go to the poconos for a romantic get away. >> you will love penn hills in the nearby poconos. >> if you're in love ♪ neil: or you can just call chuck woolery, the former love connection host could be only guy capable of bringing both sides together, chuck, i am telling you, playing tongue in cheek. but i think that nation needs someone like you to bring them together. >> do you really think i could do it? neil: i do. how would you. >> here is the method i would use. obama goes to boehner and sings a sexy al green song -- let's get it on, boehner started to cry, and puddy in obama's hand. neil: i don't know if i want to see that. >> neil, that is the way it is from now on for 4 years, i don't know about after that, but the taxes have not really kicked in. obamacare taxes have not kicked in yet. neil: you know, you did very effectively on the show, i don't read a prompter as you know, move up here -- here we go. >> you are much smarter than i am. neil: y
the budget. whether it's the debt ceiling or sequestration or the actual budget that the u.s. hasn't created since 2009, the next six to eight months is all going to be about the budget. my sense is, i don't know whether jack lue is the guy for all four years. he's definitely the guy for the next several months. he headed the office of management and budget, that's called the omb, twice. once under clinton, and then after peter orszag left under president obama. this guy knows budgets. he knows everything about it. no learning curve. he is dropping right into the debt ceiling debate. very weird because geithner's leaving. he's got to get into it. for the immediate problem he seems eminently qualified, michael. >> heck of a job. his tenure at citigroup, he was at city group, has raised concerns in some quarters. the coo, chief operating officer, of the alternative investments unit. >> yes. >> but that basically was a unit that bet against homeowners paying their mortgage, picked up a nice million-dollar bonus check. citi was bailed out. how's that going to go over? >> that's going to come up.
urging the white house to act unilaterally on the debt ceiling as well. twenty-one democrats led by congressman peter welch said in a letter that they fully support any use of presidential authority, including interpreting the 14th amendment to support presidential action to prevent the government from going into default. that amendment contained a section stating that the validity of the public and the united states shall not be questioned. at best interpret those words to be authorization for the president to act on his own is to say the least eight tortured reasoning. and as a matter of law, the federal borrowing limit is set by congressional approval. the white house, not as adventurous as the democrats in congress to send that letter. the white house unwilling to take on more than one constitutional amendment and challenge at a time. white house spokesman jay carney today. >> the proposition on the 14th amendment has not changed. let's be clear. congress has the responsibility and the sole authority to raise the debt ceiling. congress must do its job. lou: the administration
the president, please don't send jack lew. during the franl jill debt ceiling negotiations of 2011. it was unbelievable, boehner said. at one point i told the president, keep him out of here. i don't need somebody who just knows how to say no. with the lew pick, all of the president's top four cabinet posts state, defendants, cia, and treasury will be white men. at every briefing this week, reporters have pepper pressed jay carney about what some have dubbed obama's white guy problem. >> this is a couple of appointments. i think it would be useful to wait and make judgments about this issue after the president has made the totality of the appointments that he will make in transition to a second term. >> reporter: of obama's 16 cabinet positions, only two are women. kathleen sebelius and homeland security, janet napolitano. the labor and commerce are open and more will likely become so. it's an usual that can catch fire as we saw during the presidential campaign. >> i went to a number of women's groups and said can can you help us find folks and they brought us binders full of women
trillion-dollar coin proposal to solve the debt ceiling issue? farfetched? but maybe the platinum proposal should not be taking people by surprise. >> so the republicans are clearly in a strong position, but the president might have a trick up his sleeve. >> is there a magic bullet to solve the crisis? try a magic coin. some economists, legal scholars and now even a congressman are suggesting a 1 trillion-dollar platinum coin could be minted and the government could use that to pay the debt, avoid default and preempt the debt ceiling crisis. >> we should have known a coin was obama's solution to everything. it was right there in his slogan. change. [ laughter ] >> bret: so clever. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report." fair balanced and unafraid. it t. is webs so "special report" online starts in 5 seconds. >> this is the fox report. tonight disturbing self-photographs of the movie massacre suspect. disturbing pictures they say they found on his phone. plus a crowded ferry slams into a pier. commuters tossed about by the dozens hurt. >
showing little progress on next month's debt ceiling deadline, a far-fetched solution is getting more mainstream. we're talking about the $1 trillion coin. supporters including some lawmakers and nobel laureate paul krugman say the treasury department has the power to mint the supercoin which in turn would be used to raise the debt ceiling. and white house press secretary jay carney added some fuel to the fire when he refused to rule it out. >> do you believe you have a power to mint -- >> there is no plan "b." there is no backup plan. there is congress' responsibility to pay the bills of the united states. >> that's a little evasive in your answer. but i say -- are you narrowing the lead -- are you trying to leave room or not? >> there's no substitute for congress extending the borrowing authority of the united states. >> do you believe this is an option, and viable? >> i think there's the only option there. there is no backup plan. the only option is for congress to do its job. >> let's bring in nbc analyst and former communications editor karen finney. and also chip saltzman. good
'm doing the show in a hazmat suit so i don't get sick from bill. we are approaching the debt ceiling. do you think that congress can actually work together to get something done or is there another idea to avoided debt default? we're joined by "huffington post" reporter jennifer bendery. good morning. how are you? >> good morning. i'm good. >> peter: thanks for getting up and doing this with us. >> sure, sure, anything for bill. >> peter: for those who don't know, what the hell is the trillion dollar coin? what's this idea being floated around because when i first read it, i thought it was a joke. it turns out it's not. >> i thought the same thing. i thought it was a joke. it is kind of a joke but it turns out it has legal standing. the idea is pretty simple. essentially, if we -- if congress is unable to come up with a way to avoided hitting the debt ceiling, the idea is that basically we could mint a trillion dollar coin and give it to treasury and they could tuesday to pay off our -- to cover our debt obligations and then we wouldn't need to worry about the debt ceiling anymore. it so
to raise the debt ceiling and only today did the white house spokesman jay carney seem to back off that unconstitutional idea, but with this group, who knows? obama is increasingly relying on executive orders to bypass congressional authority, now, this is what he refers to as the, we can't wait initiative or as i call it get the republicans the hell out of the way initiative. he's been using this for infrastructure projects and policies, and made several recess appointments while the senate was officially still in session. no president has attempted that power grab and halted deportation of illegal immigrants and adoptions of the dream act though he failed to pass it through congress and unilaterally changed welfare requirements without submitting them to congress for review. even the office said he should have consulted congress in that case. what you're witnessing is an out of control, arrogant, unconstitutional power grab. here to talk about the legality of all this have and discussion what options the president may be weighing, especially when it comes to the seconds amendment
, witnessed in the 2011 debt ceiling fight. how do you think it plays out with the debt ceiling fight and the sequestration and the budget? >> yeah, well, i think it is very troubling because, you know, one of the conversations we've been having is that there has to be more compromise in washington if we're going to get through some of these things, and i think that this -- choosing him as treasury secretary sets us up for some very bitter fights. you know, he has basically blamed the republicans all along as the president has, and, you know -- for example, he's blamed the republicans in the senate for not passing the budget. that's completely wrong. the budget is a privileged piece of legislation that doesn't require 60 votes to get through. that's something that the democrats can do. but he wants to achieve the president's goal and he will fight the republicans every step of the way. i don't think he's interested in in any compromise. connell: he's a big part of those fights, maybe not this most recreent -- recent time, b the previous go around. >> also on the ceiling and sequester
of guts? first you because you're for him. >> well, i think we're going to see the debt ceiling fight first. >> that's what i mean. >> he feels so passionately -- >> will he tell them to go guest lost? >> in the book i had out last year -- >> what's the name of the book? >> "showdown." the first time he got in his aides said you may have to cut a deal. he said no way. it's not just my presidency, it's future presidencies. we can't let congress hold the white house hostage by not paying their own bills. >> his bills. >> no, listen. >> why didn't he do it? >> well, actually, he did. instead of accepting a six-month extension, he got a year and a half. now he's not going to go back and start negotiating. he may have to at the end of the day. >> predictions time. will the president of the united states when we run out of money under the debt ceiling and he's forced to let people lay off, closing down the national monuments and parks, will he let boehner and his crowd on that? >> on the default he's going to be more critical. >> which comes first? >> i think the debt ceiling may come first
the debt ceiling and he's forced to let people lay off, closing down the national monuments and parks, will he let boehner and his crowd on that? >> on the default he's going to be more critical. >> which comes first? >> i think the debt ceiling may come first. >> will he let the government shut down like clinton did? >> i don't think so. because john boehner doesn't want it shut down. >> the tea party guys want it to. >> this come to do you have the votes. and you have to govern. this is what it's all about. the president is responsible for governing. shutting down the government is not governing. i think it hurts the president harder than it hurts anybody. >> gingrich was -- >> in '94 through '96, newt gingrich promised to shut down the government. boehner has vowed to keep it open. if the president makes threats, it's going to hurt the president. >> he may not be able to keep a single promise he makes because he can't deliver the votes. >> the president's job is to lead. if he's not going to lead -- >> i think he's got a take a stand. part of the politico cast on the white house is
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. president obama taps a new warrior for the debt ceiling fight. he chooses jacob lew to be the 76th u.s. secretary of the treasury. >> tom: i'm tom hudson. uncle sam wants to make sure you can afford that home loan before you buy. new rules to protect consumers from bad mortgage lenders are on their way. >> susie: and, we look at whether new year's resolutions, to lose weight, can pump up your portfolio. >> tom: that and more tonight on "n.b.r."! >> susie: president obama named today a "low key" washington hand as his new secretary of the treasury. jacob lew is being called a man who combines tough bargaining with deep economic understanding and a commitment to protecting the safety net for the poor and the elderly. some republicans have promised to oppose lew's nomination, but most say they are reserving judgment. darren gersh has more on this pivotal player. >> reporter: the president introduced his pick for treasury secretary as a man who gets tough jobs done. and one of those jobs will be protecting programs the president supports. >> as the son of a polish immigrant, as a man of
ceiling. if congress does nothing to increase the debt ceiling by then, we could be looking at a government default. even if it is not a default on our debt and the treasury says they will prioritize interest on payments, we're still looking at at a default under government obligation. that means the treasury and the government would have the ability to go out and spend money and the treasure would not have the checks to pay. that could include dod civilian, uniform civilians, on tractors -- contractors. they would expect a check and it would not show up. that would be true for the non- defense parts of the budget as well. doctors expecting a reimbursement. that is if we go into a default situation. that is a major threat to our economy. i argue that it is a threat to our national defense. every major war the united states has fought has been financed in part through borrowing. by going into a default and not being able to pay our obligations for the first time in history, we will put at risk the full faith and credit of the united states government. the treasury has said th
as the debt ceiling approaches and talk about the prosperity needed. >> guest: marco rubio in the senate, what to expect from him? >> guest: it's amazing he had as much dissent on the fiscal cliff deal. most republicans voted for the fiscal cliff deal whereas in the house of course it was real mess. i think marco rubio, his whole argument of nice boat to him the night of the voted 2:00 a.m. as he was walking out. he said he needed something to solve entitlement crisis not this piecemeal reform the doesn't that the problem. a lot of people interpreted that as very political, not realistic to have that big package at this time with this divided congress. he is all about these principles and that is why i think we will both continue to hear from rubio articulation of the principles. >> host: we are talking about the republican party and its leadership. stanley north carolina, republican. go ahead, you're in the air. >> caller: yes, thank you for taking my call. it's funny, i'm glad that this gentleman address this issue with boehner as the survivor. you know, i am a very writes conservative but i
the immediate task of negotiating with republicans on raising the national debt ceiling, and agreeing on major spending cuts. some republicans have complained that lew has been unyielding in past negotiations. but the president said today: >> over the years he's built a reputation as a master of policy who can work with members of both parties and forge principled compromises. >> brown: the announcement came a day after labor secretary hilda solis announced she's stepping down after four years on the job. solis was the first hispanic woman to serve in a top cabinet position. and, she's the latest of several high-profile women to depart, including secretary of state hillary clinton and lisa jackson, administrator of the environmental protection agency. along with the president's earlier nominations-- for state, the pentagon and the c.i.a.-- that's raised questions about a loss of diversity in the cabinet. but yesterday, white house spokesman jay carney said the president's record on diversity should speak for itself. >> i mean, the increase in the representation of women in senior positions is
. regarding raising the nation's debt ceiling and some house democrats say he doesn't have to negotiate. because they claim the constitution does give him the power to raise the limit on his own. specifically, the 14th amendment which reads in part, look at this. the validity of the public debt of the united states shall not be quedz. of course, there is more to this. mike emanuel is at the white house. what's the reaction from there from republicans. >> republicans say there must be spending cuts and when we're considering raising the nation's credit card limit, the debt ceiling is the time to do it. the white house says it won't negotiate. >> this is about past spending, not future spending. it is about paying our bills. and congress has that responsibility. congress needs to fulfill it. >> remember, republicans had to accept a tax increase in the last crisis. the fiscal cliff. now they want to slash spending. >> we need significant spending cuts and real tax reform to address our long-term debt problem and pave the way for long-term growth and real growth in jobs in our country. >> i
officials, face the immediate task of negotiating with republicans on raising the national debt ceiling, and agreeing on major spending cuts. some republicans have complained that lew has been unyielding in past negotiations. but the president said today: >> over the years he's built a reputation as a master of policy who can work with members of both parties and forge principled compromises. >> brown: the announcement came a day after labor secretary hilda solis announced she's stepping down after four years on the job. solis was the first hispanic woman to serve in a top cabinet position. and, she's the latest of several high-profile women to depart, including secretary of state hillary clinton and lisa jackson, administrator of the environmental protection agency. along with the president's earlier nominations-- for state the pentagon and the c.i.a.-- that's raised questions about a loss of diversity in the cabinet. but yesterday, white house spokesman jay carney said the president's record on diversity should speak for itself. >> i mean, the increase in the representation of women i
as the bigger issue around the debt ceiling. and then we need to get to the longer-term issues in terms of where america is going, and that starts with tax reform as well as immigration issues and infrastructure issues. >> i hear the same message from business people across the country. we need more certainty from washington if we're going to kick start growth in this economy. is washington helping or hindering in a bid to bring unemployment down in the country? >> being the optimist that i am, i say washington is attempting to help. what was passed at the end of the calendar year was a good first start. but there's a lot more that needs to be done. they are helping. if we can get past some of the partisanship and get into citizenship, we can move along a lot more quickly. businesses are frustrated. >> what are the bigger things you mentioned, the things america needs to do to stay competitive in this challenging economic environment, domestically and globally? >> absolutely. first, you've got to get through the fiscal issues. balance in the deficit and budgets, number one. and then we need to g
. underscoring a focus within the white house on the fiscal battles to come. including a showdown on the debt ceiling. look at his signature. here's what it would look like on its dollar bill. it makes my chicken scratch look good. >>> hilda solis announced that she's resigning. eric holder is staying on at least for now. also remaining on the job secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius. ray lahood the only republican in the cabinet hasn't signaled whether or not he's leaving this administration. >>> hill kri clinton will be stepping down from her post in the coming weeks. we're not going to call it retirement? >> retirement? >> i don't know if that's the word i would use. certainly stepping off the very fast track for a little while. >> the obama administration pushing back after a picture taken in the oval office, this image by the photographer was featured on the front page yesterday of the "new york times." a group of men meeting with president. with top positions at the state, defense and treasury departments all offered recently to males, jay carney was asked about the
of surplus as well as the deficit. he has also played a key role in the 2011 debt ceiling talks. the president is expected to speak within the next few minutes and we will bring you the announcement live when that happens. >> new york times calls him a fiscal progress of a fiscal expertise. high praise from washington insiders. you have the honor of putting his signature on all of the new dollar bills. in an unofficial survey he has been voted as having the world's worst signature. we're going to have to look at that. maybe it will improve. >>jim ramsey has your full forecast. winter may be about to change. we have a chance of snow coming in later in the weekend. we're going to get some rain coming into chicago just in time for the rush hour. we could see more than an inch of rain. we'll talk about that a little bit more in detail. you can see those clouds overhead. the skies turn gray rather quickly. that is the precursor to the rain we're talking about. that is the three cloudiness. it is possible that you may hear a rattle off under. as the rain continues through the evenin
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